Tree Frog Turning

I love wood. I love the look and feel you get from wood. Wood is a tactical media that bages to be picked up and handled. No two pieces of wood are the same. I can make 2 bowls from the same piece of wood, turn them to matching shapes and size and they will come out looking different. When you cut into a piece of wood you never know what you are going to find. I have cut into a plain piece of wood to find the most amazing patterns.

I bought a cheap lathe 20 years ago and started turning. I quickly wore out the cheap lathe and upgraded to a Jet Mini. I have gone through 3 more lathes since. I have attended 9 AAW symposiums and have watched some of the best wood turners in the world, and I have learned some very interesting methods for making wood art. I recently retired to become a full time wood turner. I enjoy the process of turning wood. The feel of the wood and the way it cuts with a sharp gouge.

Several years ago I started metal spinning, mostly pewter, but is can spin aluminum and copper when needed. Metal spinning is a process of forming metal rounds on a mandrel or form on the lathe. Pewter and wood work well together. They complement each other. I love the effect of the soft metal with the hard wood. The shiny metal with the colorful wood. The yin and yang when the two materials come together.

Mostly I turn made for use items like bowls, cups, lidded boxes, pens and other useful items. I will also turn art work when the mood hits me. In woodturning the wood does the work, I just help the beauty come out.